domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

Inimigo Invisível

Inside myself, I find myself

Hidden from the rainy world, with no help
Nobody else, nobody else
Is just me about myself, paying like whelps
Stepping into the chain, fulfill my anger
Fears no one, I'm no strange to the danger
A deathly concussion, playing with fire mixed with oxygen
Cause this will make it all spread
When everybody else in the building is dead, yeah
I see, is no discussion
It's all consequences of repercutions
Don?t make the swore like Lotus
Cause all you all got, yall, tear your motives
Yeah, the invisible enemy
Sometimes we're our own invisible enemy
The invisible frenemy
Everybody act like they all be friend of me
They got this hoax tendencies
Make me wanna surround like there's the enemy?
The beginning, the end of me, everything is blurry
Necessary to shoot and leave in a hurry
It?s been an eternity, trying to figure out my life, like
What?s life like, when the dark has win the light, light?

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